High Risk Scheme explained.

Automation is sneaking in through all the cracks. Soon it will be very visible in form of fully automated cars. Major manufactures are already implementing automation on vast scale. This is a review of the Betrobot, your chance to get ahead.

Betrobot is a TelegramApp which automates sure-betting - also known as arbitrage betting. This form of betting is used by professional betting outlets to leverage current bets they hold. Lately it's also used by private persons who've mastered the system.

One of these gentlemen started the Betrobot for reasones still unknown to Bitcoinming XD and more info will follow.

Irony consists in this world - just like the banks - your betting services will almost never lose a bet.

Anyway, information is hard to come by regarding the BetRobot and we'll keep digging.

So the method of accumulating bitcoins is built on a current working system, the service has be automated to accommodate many investors of bitcoins.
Connecting the investors to Betrobot, the Telegram App is used, an encrypted message platform, and here the risk gets high due to the fact that what if it's closed down some how, you would have no way of contacting and claiming your investment back.

The risk is reduce a bit because of the short investment term of 30 days. So it really comes down to what you personally are prepared to risk.

We have tested the robot for almost 30 days now and have gained the promised return and have withdrawn it - but that's still no guarantee - it's just one test that worked. More experience is needed.

Minimum investment is 0,02BTC

You get 6% return on investment pr day(180% in 30 days)

Minimum withdraw is 0.01BTC

Opportunity for compounding interests by reinvesting profit

Minimum reinvestment is 0.02BTC

How to connect to Betrobot

First you need to have the Telegram App installed. There's an App for the most widely used operating systems. We've linked them below for Google Chrome, Apple iOS and Android on Google Play.

Once you have activated the Telegram App you can connect to the Betrobot through the link below.

Chrome Add-on

iOS - Apple

Android - Google


Once you've installed the Telegram App - follow this link to connect to the Betrobot or click the picture.

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